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Comfy Couch 


"Because it feels like home."

About Us

Welcome to our beautiful home! Opening Comfy Couch in the Arcadia area of Phoenix has truly been a labor of love.  This 1971 GEM has had a full remodel, including taking it down to the studs and reworking the floor plan to make the most of the home for our residents.


Many people in the industry have told us they remember our house in years past and love the updated beauty and lightness that is part of our joyful facility.  But a facelift is just the surface of what we are all about!  This place has HEART.  It’s the people who live and work here that make us who we truly are.  You can feel the love in our house when you set foot inside.


We love to have guests!  Come see the home, meet our incredible staff and perhaps stay for one of our home-cooked meals!   Give us a call and we’ll welcome you anytime you want to drop by!


Comfy Couch - Owner


What people say...


Daughter of Resident

"Dear Beth & Mike,


I just want to thank

you...for taking such good care of my father...It means so much to me to know he is being looked after so well and that he is content.  You really have got a great team behind you!!

"[Your staff] are all so sweet and caring."


Husband of Resident

"Thank you...[to]... your reliable and dedicated staff for my wife Grace...We were impressed to see the constant care, love and compassion to make a day better." 


"Thank you again and again for your superior care.  God Bless."


Certified Nursing Assistant

"You do such a great job and Ken was very comfortable in your loving care.  Thanks for all you do!! "


Daughter of Resident

"The facility feels, smells, and looks like a real home—not a nursing home or a hospital.

The house is always open to family visits..." 


My family could have paid more to keep my parents elsewhere, but we couldn’t have asked for more than my family [has gotten] from Comfy Couch."


Our Services

At Comfy Couch, we focus on living life to the fullest with activities and entertainment, 24-hour awake staff and home-made meals!  We go the extra mile for our Residents and their families.  We want our Comfy Couch families to know it’s not just a place where you reside, it really does feel like home!
Home Cooked Meals


We make our meals from scratch!  Have a favorite recipe?  We are happy to try it!

Doctor Home Visits


There are some great doctors who will make the trip to our home to be sure our residents are as healthy as can be!

We will provide references if you'd like.

Walking Path & Front Patio


Whether it's sitting out front under the pergola or taking a stroll along the greenbelt, we love the outdoors! 

Housekeeping  & Laundry


We take great pride in being clean! Our house gets cleaned all day and all night long and you can count on fresh, fluffy and folded laundry for our Residents.

Medication Management


Directed by a Resident's doctor and given by our staff.  But that's not all.  Our Owner/Manager is also a NURSE, who does all the staff-training for giving medications to our residents.   

No Nickel-and-Diming


All of our services are included in the Monthly Resident Rate.  We don't add inconsistent charges and that allows for financial planning for you.



  • Do you have 24-hour awake staff?
    Yes. We have two caregivers on during the day and one awake caregiver overnight. Just because people go to bed doesn’t mean their needs end. Wether they wake up and need assistance, or if their care requires a night-time bed check, we have an awake caregiver available to help. Also note that Shanon an LPN is available to staff 24/7 to triage over the phone or come in if needed. It is important to note that not all homes have an awake staff, and we believe that not only is it good for our residents to have someone up, but the additional work that can be completed overnight (cleaning, laundry, and food prep) helps to take pressure off our two day-shift caregivers, which means more dedicated time to our residents during the day!
  • What kind of training does the staff have?
    – Our Manager/Nurse, Shanon Gibbs, is licensed by the state of Arizona. – Our Caregivers are all certified with the skills required by the Arizona Board of Nursing Care Institution Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Managers (NCIA Board) to practice as Assisted Living Caregivers in the assisted living setting. Our Caregivers are CPR Certified, and each have a fingerprint clearance card from the state of Arizona as well as a food handler’s card. – Our Owner is a Licensed Practical Nurse, Licensed Assisted Living Manager, Certified Caregiver Instructor, Certified CPR/ 1st Aid Instuctor. –We also have continuing education for our staff to provide additional training on topics that include medication management, communicable disease, managing dementia, resident’s rights, wound care, common chronic and acute conditions, human developments and aging, abuse neglect and exploration, mental illness and diabetic management.
  • Do you administer medications?
    Yes, we administer all physician ordered medications as directed, and we record and maintain a record of all medication administration. We recently made a big investment in a software program that allows for electronic tracking of the medications (and dispensing them) in the house. It's a system that manages critical resident information, helps with the re-order process, and assists the staff in making sure all testing around medication administration and delivery of meds is done at the right time! Meds are an incredibly important part of running an assisted living home, and we work hard to be sure we are on top of our game! Side note...We also work with a pharmacy that delivers right to our house with no additional charge, so we can handle all of the medication refills as well, which saves you time and hassle.
  • Does your home accept residents who have special needs?
    Our staff and our multiple medical resources allow us to care for residents who simply need help with ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living), to caring for those with dementia, those who are a fall-risk, incontinent, on oxygen, special diets, and even those who have diabetes. Call and ask us about your loved one’s personal needs and we will answer questions and give any resources we have to help you.
  • Are residents allowed to decorate the rooms and bring their own furniture?
    It’s one of the things we love most…to see the family photos and the personal style of our residents. Individual bedding and those creature comforts make the room feel special and our residents will feel better in their own rooms. We want it to feel like home! We can help with basic hanging of photos and artwork, and have had families who have called BestBuy to come out and install wall-mounted televisions. Kindly have any mounting approved before you start hammering.
  • What does the monthly cost include?
    The monthly fee includes a resident’s room, three meals a day plus snacks, caregiver services (24/7 awake staff), having a licensed manager who assists with meds and medical issues 24/7, medication administration, laundry, house keeping, all house utilities, cable, and use of common areas. We also offer activites that are specific to your family member's needs. Since we have the luxury of being a small home, personalized service is what we are all about!
  • What additional services are available/how frequently are services provided?
    In assisted living, sometimes it’s not so easy to load up into the car and go for a drive to a doctor appointment or even to get your nails done. There are many businesses that will send people right to our house to make things more convenient for our residents. We can help with scheduling services right in our home like beauty/barber services, podiatry, physical therapy, dental services, mobile x-ray, or even blood draws. These are done on either a scheduled or as-needed basis. The cost of these services are between the Resident families and the provider and are not included in the monthly fee for Comfy Couch. Let us know what you need help scheduling and we will assist in any way we can!
  • Are all services included in the monthly fee?
    Any additional services are either billed directly to the resident (or power of attorney), or some services may be set up to be billed through the resident’s insurance. If you have questions, ask us! We will help give a better picture based on the resident. Side note: Just for fun, we may blow-dry and set (curl) residents’ hair or even have a nail-painting day! This would be at no charge to the family or the resident, but are outside of what the family should expect to do for the resident on a regular basis for good hygiene and routine grooming.
  • Do Residents have a set meal schedule?
    Yes, we do have three scheduled meals a day and snacks throughout the day. If a resident has specific dietary needs, just let us know ahead of time and we can usually accommodate it. Have a favorite meal? Bring us the recipe!
  • What type of security measures are in the home?
    All entry and exit doors are locked. Medicine Room, Laundry Room and Storage Room are all locked. All windows are locking (and locked when not requested to be open). We make changes to the way we watch and secure the home, based on the residents who are with us at that time. When it comes to dementia, we also have special puzzle locks on all the exit doors. When you come for a visit, bring your questions/concerns and we will let you know how we work with residents' specific needs. Every resident is offered a "call lanyard" that they can wear, hang on their walker/wheelchair, or place at their bedside. When pushed, it rings in the kitchen area and staff can come to assist. We have video cameras in all common area rooms and at entry and exit doors. Video can be remotely accessed by the Owner off the property 24 hours a day.
  • What activities are available?
    We offer daily activities and we have a live musician at the house every other week. One of the great things about being in a 10-bed home, is that we are always working on personalized activities. Puzzles, artwork, reading, going for walks on the walking path and some light exercise are some of the fun things always happening in the house!
  • Do you provide transportation?
    No, but we can assist with arranging transportation.
  • Will you work with any Physician?
    We will work with any licensed physician. Several of our residents do use a “mobile doctor” service where the doctor will come to the house for routine visits as well as sick visits. If you’re interested, just ask us and we can talk more about it. We do not have any business affiliation with any mobile docs, but will be happy to share our experience. The decision is yours.
  • Do you manage residents’ finances?
    We do not. We are a cash free home and we do not manage our residents’ finances. Most families appoint a Power of Attorney to handle finances.
  • Will my insurance cover the monthly fees?
    We do accept residents with Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance, but we are a private pay home. The LTC insurance companies will need us to fill out some paperwork and send in our licensing information prior to move in. We may have additional contact with their representatives and there may be a visit with the resident, which we are happy to accommodate. After move-in, we may have additional contact/paperwork with them on a monthly basis per your agreement with them. If you have long term care insurance, let us know and we will help you navigate the process.
  • Do you accept ALTCS residents?
    Unfortunately, we can not provide the level of service and care in our home at the reimbursement rate that ALTCS allows in a group home setting.
  • What are your visiting hours?
    We are open 24/7 for our families to come visit. However, in order to keep our residents’ schedules consistent (which is good for their health), our guests generally visit after breakfast and leave before bedtime. We do have 24-hour awake staff so someone is always up and able to open the door for you. You may call the house (or shcedule with Shanon) ahead of time if you are coming to visit after normal bedtime hours.
  • Am I able to take my loved one away from Comfy Couch for the day?
    Of course! We have lots of families who take our residents on outings. If you’d like to take your loved one off-site, (maybe for a special dinner, to the movies, on a shopping outing, to go to church, etc.), you may do that at any time.
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